Paperless and Green – Paper to Digital, Digital to Paper

The combination of Equitrac print management solutions and Nuance eCopy document scanning and workflow solutions – for the first time ever – will provide organizations with everything they need to win the battle over paper. Better still, the combination of Equitrac and eCopy solutions speed and optimize the way office workers create, edit and share documents – delivering measurable cost savings and increased productivity to organizations of every size.

Equitrac – The Smarter Way to Print

Every office worker prints – and nearly every office wastes paper, toner, time and money by printing the wrong document or version, printing too many copies, or forgetting to get printed documents.

Equitrac is a leading provider of print management and cost recovery software that enables organizations to instantly optimize and manage their printing environments – saving money, increasing document security and implementing green office initiatives. Equitrac solutions deliver a proven return-on-investment, helping organizations save 20% or more on their printing costs by reducing wasted paper and toner, and by seamlessly implementing secure and responsible printing capabilities with every office desktop.

eCopy – The Better Way to Scan, Use and Share Documents

The Nuance eCopy family is the leading document scanning and workflow solution for multi-function printers (MFP’s) and scanners. eCopy ShareScan provides organizations with everything needed to automate their paper-to-digital workflows, letting office workers scan paper documents easily and securely using an intuitive touch-screen interface with their MFP. eCopy ShareScan includes the Nuance OmniPage OCR engine, and connects to over 100 enterprise applications – making it easy to automatically turn paper into searchable PDF for content management systems, extract data from paper forms for database and accounting applications, and to implement document workflow solutions for enterprise-wide applications.