MPS provides a way for organisations to regain control over complex and unmanaged printers, copiers and multi function devices and significantly reduce printing costs.

Through our managed print services, our customers gain visibility and control of their spend on print. The NDS team has a recognised reputation in designing, installing, managing and servicing a full range of print related hardware & software at many leading Irish companies.

The goal of our MPS team is to work in partnership with clients to devise the optimum solution for their business needs. In simple terms, our objective is to help our clients spend less money and less time on printing. Most companies under-estimate how much they spend on printing and how much time their staff spend managing it.

Our Managed Print Services can help companies of all sizes by;

  • Reducing their print costs
  • Cutting their capital expenditure
  • Increasing the productivity of their print users
  • Enable them to focus on what they do best

Our Managed Print Services solution brings our print industry experience and knowledge to our clients. They can use our tried and tested methodology to:

  • Assess your print needs and implement the best mix of devices for your business
  • Manage all your print devices
  • Help you turn slow, paper-based processes into automated, digital ones